Transhumanism – a disruptive technology

Did we think of fighting against Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Ageing and many other diseases which kill thousands of humans around the world? Transhumanism did.

Humans fight massive wars against humans to survive. In this transaction we have lost many lives and have departed from our beloved ones. So it’s a right time to understand what transhumanism stands for.

Transhumanism is an ethical and radical move that ensures us to believe that we can codify, categorize and endorse what actually makes us a human, using advanced technologies. We have always considered technology outside our regular world and never noticed because its amalgamated into the beautification of the world. We would have never imagined its absence because we have been emerging into the techno world very rapidly.

By way we gain ever superior control over the human nature, our technological goals become progressively go-getting, and their advantages are greater than disadvantages and are more and lavish. At times new technologies even make us happier in a long-term way: Big Data Analysis, Internet of things, Cloud, Advanced Robotics, 3D Printing and above all Social Media are few examples.

Transhumanists tend to take a longer leap than average humans view of technology development. They don’t look forward just couple of years ahead but look forward to the new gen techno era looking not just five or ten years into the future but many years beyond. One must also understand that the longer you look ahead, the more uncertainties one encounters and unrealistic predictions erupts, but certainly technology can be useful and possibly change these uncertainties to reality eventually.

Certainly transhumanists cannot win over death, but certainly can delay death by embracing radical technology to save the Homo sapiens race to the best of interest. Any which ways agree or disagree, we will inescapably and essentially have to address the apprehensions of transhumanism as we glide ever closer to transforming something more than human.




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