Call of Duty: Black Ops III look into transhumanism

Call of Duty, one of the most popular series game where Activision has owned as well as published the game and developed by Infinity Ward. Black Ops III is one of the series with a transhumanism part of the game which was launched last year in April by developer Treyarch.

Call of Duty Black Ops III is packed with transhumanism themes. The story driven game which is implemented using advance technology and gifts the abilities of “Cyber Core” as well as can battle throughout the world with the help of advance robotics as well as supersoliders that enhances and also has led to a rise in violent social unrest worldwide.

In this game, there are new settings as well as new features are there for active as well as passive players in this gameplay. The changes in the Cyber Core allows you to interact with the game as well as you can control over the environment and navigate it to new ways. Black Ops III is a team oriented game where you are allowed to play the game with four online players as a team co-operating with each other throughout the story mode. The game has six characters where two are females. At last, the game is packed with weapons which makes a brutal change to how combat takes place.

In this series, the Drones can be hacked using technotelepathy remotely and then piloted around the conflict zone for targeting the enemies. There are destructive ranged weapons named as swarms of “firefly” nanobots.

The game allows multiplayer sessions where the other players weren’t using many of these new skills. There are reasons either players didn’t like any new of them or people defaulting to their well-honed styles of plays and don’t have time to get the grip on the powers. The new weapons somehow don’t match the style of the team.

The supersoliders available in Black Ops III could approach the dramatically change regarding the online matches which are played. As per the practice, the abilities of the Cyber Core can be fun to use which can give a real sense of power.




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