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08/05/2017 / / Biotechnology

Insilico Medicine has recently signed a multi-year drug agreement with one of the biotechnology companies Juvenescence AI Limited. Juvenescence AI will be developing the first compounds that were generated by the Insilico’s deep learnings that train over structural, phenotypic, and functional data in accordance to predicting the biological activity of the compounds. The Insilico’s platforms integrate all new Artificial Intelligence techniques like the Generative Adversarial Networks in accordance to generating novel compounds with desired properties like pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic.

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08/02/2017 / / Energy

Measurement of the level of civilization that takes place in the technological advancement; the Kardashev Scale targets the amount of energy that any development is able to control. It is obvious that the amount of energy available to the particular civilization is linked to how extensive the civilization is. The Kardashev Scale is divided into three major parts;

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01/25/2017 / / Technology

Transhumanism is quintessentially a 21st Century movement. Gaining widespread awareness and spreading through the internet to dozens of nations. But its origins lie a century before in the 20thCentury. A creation of 19th-century-born intellectuals from Russia. Transhumanism’s ideas were first established in Russian “Cosmism”. Read the Post Transhumanism’s Twentieth Century Roots

06/30/2016 / / Transhumanism