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08/19/2016 / / Technology

“Man is to be surpassed. He is a bridge, not a destination.” – Nietzsche

Evolution is the essence of everything that exists in the world, in fact of this universe. Creations made by humans and humans themselves including nature are subject to change with course of time. Read the Post Merging with Technology : Transhumanism, A New Era

08/18/2016 / / Technology

Technological advancements and developments have made the job of the human beings much comfortable and convenient. People are guided and assisted by the technology no matter what the need is. It is now, no wonder to see human-like creatures- Robots performing the tasks of humans, just the way humans does. Read the Post In Love with AI Robot

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05/30/2016 / / Technology

The invention of Smart gloves have given a new dimension to the way we interact with the virtual world. We can now sense heat, weight and motion of the objects of the virtual world with the help of these gloves. The development of smart gloves show that we can take our imagination to a new horizon with the help of virtual reality.

Read the Post Smart Gloves: Virtual Reality reaches new heights