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12/09/2016 / / Technology

As the technology is taking a front seat in the contemporary times, every field is transforming with the advancement in technology. The transport system is one such field that is set to transform itself with high-end technology. Huge automobile companies around the world are on plans to launch vehicles that drive by themselves with partial or no human intervention. Self-driven cars are to become the future of transport system. Read the Post Self-driven Cars to be On Roads by 2020: Business Insider

11/19/2016 / / Transhumanism

 Has Black Mirror series become the “real life mirror”?

Black Mirror is another reality of our world in which modern technology has conquered our lives.

Charlie Brooker’s “Black Mirror“ has enormously become parallel to our everyday life, almost as if he knew how much modern technology will become important to us. Read the Post Black Mirror Series Showing Us the Future Way Ahead

11/19/2016 / / Technology

We wake up every day into a world with different emotions and feelings. Some people wake up with a lustless feeling of life whilst other with a lustful feeling to take on the world. We sometimes just need a break from reality to enter a perfect illusion of dreams to which we rarely achieve. Read the Post Are Human Illusions Real or Just Illusion: Hoffman

11/17/2016 / / Energy

“ Science & Education, when devoid of a Social Conscience or Environmental or Human concern, are meaningless ” ~ Jacque Fresco

This statement holds true especially in the contemporary times, where technology is the frontrunner. Read the Post Can Science Fiction Save The World

09/29/2016 / / Biotechnology