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08/21/2016 / / Technology
08/18/2016 / / Technology

Technological advancements and developments have made the job of the human beings much comfortable and convenient. People are guided and assisted by the technology no matter what the need is. It is now, no wonder to see human-like creatures- Robots performing the tasks of humans, just the way humans does. Read the Post In Love with AI Robot

06/26/2016 / / Technology

The futuristic thought of developing machines more specifically to develop robots that will be able to perform activities such as cutting the grass in the backyard, washing the dishes or clothes has always been a dire wish of every common person so that he would be able to take a sigh of relief from these daily tiresome activities. Read the Post Elon Musk developing housekeeping robot

06/07/2016 / / Technology

May you live in interesting times – A curse, origin unknown

One of the ‘curses’ usually attributed to ancient China, but frequently thrown around in today’s society is ‘May you live in interesting times’, suggesting that living in turbulent times, no matter the cause, is somehow a bad thing. Read the Post Future humans: Immortal, jobless and genius