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08/03/2017 / / Technology

Cyborg is a being with the qualities of both organic and biomechatronic body parts. The cyborg tissues are structured with carbon nano tubes or fungal cells have been used in artificial tissue engineering to produce new materials. Products developed with the use of artificial tissue engineering are really great. Yes, these are really great for the people with hearing impairs.

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08/30/2016 / / Nanotechnology
06/08/2016 / / Biotechnology

One of the fiercest topics of the century is the case of the Mars. But the future is just impossible to predict. And this unpredictable future can not stop people from thinking and trying to get on the other planet. We think that the laws we create, the technologies we invent, and the way we live will together form a small force and will help the future generations to shape their wellbeing.

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