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07/07/2016 / / Transhumanism

For a long time scientist and medical practitioners are trying to solve the mystery behind the birth of living human being, technology has not been able to completely describe the processes and phenomena taking place in the womb of mother for a long time. Read the Post Artificially Developed Humans Our Future

07/03/2016 / / Technology

From ancient civilizations to Nostradamus, to modern day prophets, man has been predicting the future. Visions of a world that’s paradise for some and hell for others has been a mainstay.

Yet, only fairly recently have we been able to reasonably predict what it will be like in years to come. This is thanks to available past and current data. It allows for an educated and informed prediction of the future. Read the Post What will the world look like in the future?

06/07/2016 / / Technology

May you live in interesting times – A curse, origin unknown

One of the ‘curses’ usually attributed to ancient China, but frequently thrown around in today’s society is ‘May you live in interesting times’, suggesting that living in turbulent times, no matter the cause, is somehow a bad thing. Read the Post Future humans: Immortal, jobless and genius