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12/02/2016 / / Biotechnology

Almost everyone would want to remain young. It is this context that the team of researchers has been increasingly engaged in age reversal studies. There are  studies which show that can delay aging and anti-aging a possibility. Some have further claimed that they have found the road to immortality. Read the Post Anti-aging Using Rapamycine: A Drug Used in Cancer Treatments

08/18/2016 / / Technology

Technological advancements and developments have made the job of the human beings much comfortable and convenient. People are guided and assisted by the technology no matter what the need is. It is now, no wonder to see human-like creatures- Robots performing the tasks of humans, just the way humans does. Read the Post In Love with AI Robot

08/11/2016 / / Technology

Detroit: Become Human” is an action-adventure, intuitive computer game intended for PS4. It is one of the best thriller video game developed by Quantic Dream. There are several playable characters called androids; out of which one character is “Kara”. Read the Post Detroit: Become Human

08/04/2016 / / Technology

In the world of technology, nothing remains impossible. The world has progressed in the field of technology a lot and lots of things are prove of it.

The new technology of creating drones, surprises everyone. Recently, BAE systems and the University of the Glasgow has released the video, about whom everyone is talking about. In the video, they have shown the new way of creating drone with the help of the chemputer. Read the Post New Method of Creating Drones

07/18/2016 / / Biotechnology