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05/29/2016 / / Home Automation

The concept of floating city of Artisianoplois can become real in not so distant future. The concept has been in striking in the home automation industry from quite some time now. Artisianopolis has given shape to the concept of floating cities, in a way never imagined before. Read the Post Artisianopolis: Floating City concept to become real

05/23/2016 / / Home Automation

Home automation Tech is transforming our lives at light speed. The recent advancement in the field of thermostat technology has brought such a change. The way thermostats work has been redesigned. Now the thermostat can adjust itself based on your usage patterns. It learns about the temperature and your usage pattern to give the desired temperature for your home. Read the Post New Home Automation Tech transforming our lives

05/21/2016 / / Energy
05/07/2016 / / Home Automation

The Amazon’s Echo is creating an echo all around the world with its amazing home automation features. No need of doing any task manually when your home assistant Alexa is at your service. This service by Amazon is taking us one step closer to the world of complete automation. The service acts as a robot can get you what you need in no time. Read the Post Home automation with features of Amazon’s Echo