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01/16/2019 / / Biotechnology

Genetic and transhumanism – In the discussion of human nature, Coeckelbergh argues that biology teaches us the sense of natural evolution: “all organisms, including humans, change over time due to natural selection and (according to contemporary evolution theory) change and genetic drift.

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11/24/2017 / / Technology
12/01/2016 / / Technology

Venus, hottest planet after the sun in the solar system with a dense atmosphere. Its atmosphere is composed of carbon dioxide. The gravity is about 90% of earth’s gravity and it is 30% more close to the sun than the earth- these similarities makes it a desirable candidate for future colony building. Read the Post Venus : Future Real Estate Investment For world

07/18/2016 / / Biotechnology
07/16/2016 / / Technology

Cyber space and related threat

The virtual world of cyberspace created by interconnecting computers and computer networks with the help of internet connections has no limit to its use today. Cyberspace has changed the concept of globalization interconnecting billions of people around the world. Whether it is social media or business everything is now associated with it. Cyberspace has replaced the conventional methods of warfare involving new parameters and aspects. Read the Post “Enterprise Immune System” Solution to Cyber threats