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11/18/2017 / / Biohacking
10/02/2017 / / Biotechnology

Nature has kept on inspiring people by its plethora of innovations and different materials. One such material is the molecule of the DNA. It’s big thanks to its self-assembling properties. the Nano-science Center (NSC) of the University of Jyväskylä and BioMediTech (BMT) of the University of Tampere’s researchers have demonstrated a way of fabricating the electronic devices using DNA. Read the Post DNA Based Single-Electron Electronic Devices Being Developed by the Researchers!

12/18/2016 / / Technology

Technological advancements are altering the structural framework of almost every field of study. The study of genome sequencing and editing is one such field greatly influenced by the technological advancements. A team of researchers has recently announced that analysis of educational genome helps in providing better education. Read the Post Study of Educational Genome Helps in Providing Better Education

11/16/2016 / / Technology

Study of humans and other species have been central to most of the researchers, as it reveals about the life on earth. Many historians and researchers are still in the process of unraveling extinct human species. Recently the historians have identified that Melanesians carry a DNA of a human species that is not yet discovered. Read the Post Melanesians have DNA of an Unidentified Hominid Species

05/03/2016 / / Biotechnology

The mutations in the mitochondrial DNA inhibit the growth of stem cells. The stem cells therapies hence can be unsuccessful to reduce the ageing effect in the human beings. There are ways we can ignore the mutated DNA and apply the therapies on the non-mutated ones. But these methods are not easy. Read the Post Mutations hinder stem cell therapies