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08/06/2017 / / Biotechnology

The multidisciplinary center of biology and engineering that is known as the scientific biology (Bio-hacking) is developing at a neck breaking pace and is opening new views that could hardly be imagined by anyone of us. In the new research, a professor of ASU’s Biodesign Institute, Alex Green, demonstrated how living cells can be induced for accomplishing the computations in the manner of computers or tiny robots.

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08/03/2017 / / Technology

Cyborg is a being with the qualities of both organic and biomechatronic body parts. The cyborg tissues are structured with carbon nano tubes or fungal cells have been used in artificial tissue engineering to produce new materials. Products developed with the use of artificial tissue engineering are really great. Yes, these are really great for the people with hearing impairs.

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12/02/2016 / / Biotechnology

Almost everyone would want to remain young. It is this context that the team of researchers has been increasingly engaged in age reversal studies. There are  studies which show that can delay aging and anti-aging a possibility. Some have further claimed that they have found the road to immortality. Read the Post Anti-aging Using Rapamycine: A Drug Used in Cancer Treatments

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