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01/20/2018 / / Biohacking
08/16/2017 / / Biotechnology

Once, Justin Kao during his drive was listening to the National Public Radio and heard about the latest discovery of “sweet tooth gene”. Kao is fond of eating cookies and thought to pay $5 to know if he could have that. Later, he thought that there could be millions of people who would be willing to pay bucks for revealing the tidbits in their DNA. Justin Kao, the co-founder of Helix San Francisco based company that secured $100 million in the last summer in a quest to create the first app store for genetic information.
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11/05/2016 / / Technology

Artificial Intelligence has become a resonant word in the 21st century, especially for the past few years. Bioengineering has become an area of a constant quest, however, there are certain issues regarding it to worry about. Michael Bess in his book has described the terrifying future that bioengineering is ought to bring with it. Read the Post Michael Bess About The Future of Humankind Marked by Bioengineering