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01/19/2017 / / Technology
01/12/2017 / / Transhumanism

It has been widely acknowledged by now that the AI is the milestone of human civilisation. Numerous studies and researches have been taking place about the development and advancement of AI. However, it is only giant corporate firms that are focusing on AI, the government is taking a minimal stand concerning AI, claimed senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Read the Post Government Must Focus on AI Research, Recommends a Committee

01/06/2017 / / Technology

Artificial Intelligence has already entered the market and is yet to take a complete control over the World. AI aims to do so by having an impact on every field and sector present in this world. Ben Goertzel, claims that in the near future Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be replaced by Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Read the Post Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) to Take Over ‘Narrow AI’

12/31/2016 / / Technology
12/28/2016 / / Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the frontrunner of the rapidly increasing technological innovations and discoveries. As the business sector is rapidly improving, stock analysis and prediction are important. A company named, Numerai is preparing a collective artificial intelligence in order to make stock market predictions. Read the Post Numerai Introduces an AI to Analyse and Predict Stock Markets