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07/08/2016 / / Technology

Entering the world of VR

The world of electronics has reached yet another milestone and this is by the development of devices that enables one to experience the virtual reality version of electronic media, games and movies etc. Read the Post Google’s Virtual Reality Browser

07/07/2016 / / Transhumanism

For a long time scientist and medical practitioners are trying to solve the mystery behind the birth of living human being, technology has not been able to completely describe the processes and phenomena taking place in the womb of mother for a long time. Read the Post Artificially Developed Humans Our Future

07/06/2016 / / Technology

Introduction to Cognitive Computing

A new era of computing system has begun as the introduction of cognitive computing in to the market of computer processing. The computing systems of the pasts’ decision making were basically based on mathematically derived solutions of the problems. Read the Post Cognitive Computing System “IBM Watson”

07/05/2016 / / Technology
07/04/2016 / / Technology