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07/30/2016 / / Transhumanism
07/29/2016 / / Biotechnology

Life is too beautiful and colorful it is not to be wasted away. But not everybody is fortunate enough to enjoy the blessing of life. Health is a major factor that can cause a hindrance without it life is nothing but a dull period of time you spend during your life. Read the Post Enchroma spreading colors in life

07/28/2016 / / Technology

The autonomous growing world

At the mid of twentieth century and with the beginning of the twenty first century the world faced a lot of changes with respect to both social values and in professional fields. The twenty first century proved to be a beginning to a new era which involved automated processes and machinery. Read the Post Dahir Insaat introduces first automated restaurant

07/27/2016 / / Technology

Security and identification protocols

As of today identification of each individual has become very essential. Each individual has to be differentiated based on some general trait or character that is different for everyone. It is an important process to maintain law and order in addition to security. Read the Post Increasing Trend of Iris Scanners

07/26/2016 / / Technology