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08/04/2016 / / Technology

In the world of technology, nothing remains impossible. The world has progressed in the field of technology a lot and lots of things are prove of it.

The new technology of creating drones, surprises everyone. Recently, BAE systems and the University of the Glasgow has released the video, about whom everyone is talking about. In the video, they have shown the new way of creating drone with the help of the chemputer. Read the Post New Method of Creating Drones

08/03/2016 / / Transhumanism

In the recent, many people are talking about better humans or transhumans. There are different movements in the progress in the favor of transhumans. People wanted to be better and use better for themselves. There are people who are against such movements. Read the Post Neo: The upcoming documentary about transhumans

08/02/2016 / / Technology
08/01/2016 / / Technology

Cloud computing is in the eyes of everyone. People use cloud computing for different functions. There are different applications, which people like to run on their systems, but their system doesn’t have the capacity or tools to run these applications. Read the Post First cloud-based Computer, Shadow