The Transhumanist Posts

Transhumanism is quintessentially a 21st Century movement. Gaining widespread awareness and spreading through the internet to dozens of nations. But its origins lie a century before in the 20thCentury. A creation of 19th-century-born intellectuals from Russia. Transhumanism’s ideas were first established in Russian “Cosmism”. Read the Post Transhumanism’s Twentieth Century Roots

09/02/2016 / / Energy

Tracing the roots of everything that exists on this planet ranging from atmosphere to the deepest oceans, is an interesting study. All the chemical elements that constitute almost everything that exists, including the human body, claims its origin from The Big Bang, Cosmic Rays, Large Stars, Small Stars, Supernovae, and Man-Made labs. The line which says, ‘Humans made of stardust’ stands true. Read the Post Tracing Back the Roots of All Elements to Stars

09/01/2016 / / Technology

Brain is the most complex biological computing system and performs almost every activity with jet speed and precision. Despite the numerous advancements in the interaction of technology and science, there is no machine that functions as swift as a brain. Read the Post Supercomputer Simulates One Second of Human Brain

08/30/2016 / / Nanotechnology