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05/01/2016 / / Nanotechnology

Nowadays, people are getting creative as well as innovative. Multifarious tech companies are coming up in market with new innovative ideas to resolve various problems. Basically, Innovation is done to solve problems as well as to make the life easy and happy. Your life can change at the light speed with the help of these innovations. New innovations leave a huge impact on the life of future generations.

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04/30/2016 / / Energy
04/29/2016 / / Energy

Scientists have found new results while doing experiments on nuclear fusion. They have gone one step closer to generating the power using these fusion reactions. The recent experiment at MIT helps to resolve the mystery of heat loss in a nuclear fusion reaction. The difference in the turbulence caused by ions and electrons is the major area of research. Read the Post Clean energy generation using fusion reactions

04/28/2016 / / Home Automation

For all those who love to automate their smart connected devices with an app face a tedious task of managing all their devices with different apps.

The solution for this problem has arrived in the form of a single iPhone app (Android is on the way) that links all smart connected devices and automates them simultaneously. Stringify brings everything into one place. Physical Things such as Misfit wearable, Automatic connected cars and Smart Things smart homes as well as digital services such as Google Drive, Yelp and Facebook can be easily added. Read the Post Stringify – An app for your ideal smart home combination

04/27/2016 / / Transhumanism

What is called defeating death, by the Transhumans: A remarkable number of humans in today’s world live in destitute conditions. Diseases, Hunger, poverty, crime violence, injustice, wars and the list continues to grow. Even the richest of the rich die of painful diseases and ageing. In today’s fast growing world, to advocate the moral right to use technology , like gene editing, stem cell, nanotechnology , artificial intelligence augmented reality extends the human capacity surpassing the natural biological power and raises the natural limit and help us live longer and healthier lives.

With this thought ahead, we can decide what are the probable necessities that makes one a transhumans. Read the Post Can we be Immortals? The deciding factors to be Transhumans