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05/10/2016 / / Technology

Human beings and machines are coming closer in a way never imagined before. Technology is entering the human bodies now. The touch that you used on your smartphone or a smartwatch is now coming on your arm. You can now use touch gestures on your arm to control a smartwatch. The Finger Tracking technology has made it possible.

Read the Post Finger Tracking Tech enters in your arm

05/09/2016 / / Nanotechnology

Scientists are finding new ways to generate energy because of the ever depleting non-renewable sources of energy. This is done so that our future is secured as far as energy is concerned. The new sustainable sources are being discovered. The new development in this quest is the conversion of chemical energy into the other forms of energy using nanotechnology. Read the Post Nanotechnology: Creating the energy of Future

05/08/2016 / / Implants

The total loss of any of our natural senses has an instant and devastating effect on a human beings ability to function, a new Bionic Eye which can help blind people to see has been given and may soon be rolled out. An artificial retina implant which is the first of its kind has been given the green light by regulators in Europe after trials proved to be a success. Read the Post Rhymes or Fundamentals of Implant for Body & Brain

05/07/2016 / / Home Automation

The Amazon’s Echo is creating an echo all around the world with its amazing home automation features. No need of doing any task manually when your home assistant Alexa is at your service. This service by Amazon is taking us one step closer to the world of complete automation. The service acts as a robot can get you what you need in no time. Read the Post Home automation with features of Amazon’s Echo

05/06/2016 / / Energy

Various sources of energy are present around us .These energy sources are more eco-friendly than the sources we currently use. These sources are renewable and available in plenty. There are no chances of depletion as they form the basis of human life. Although these sources are inextinguishable, using them as a permanent source of energy is not economical. Read the Post Energy sources of Future to generate power