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05/15/2016 / / Implants

The Tritanium spinal implant has been made possible by Stryker. The implant allows the natural growth of bones within the structure. So the people suffering from the back problems can get this surgery done to revive their spinal cord. Many severe back diseases can be cured by the help of this surgery. Read the Post Tritanium Spinal implant made possible by Stryker

05/14/2016 / / Energy

The solar panels developed by Caltech can be a source of unlimited energy for earth. These solar panels can convert solar energy into equivalent radio energy. The radio energy can thus be beamed to earth and can be used for variety of other purposes. The energy thirst of earth can be reduced with the help of a space solar power station. Read the Post Caltech solar panels: A source of unlimited energy

05/13/2016 / / Transhumanism

Deciding the civil rights of transhumans is a major challenge that our society is facing. With the advent of transhumanism, human beings have become more powerful to an extent that some people want to become new biological species with the help of the technology. This is posing a major threat to the civil society. Read the Post Civil rights of Transhumans: A major Challenge

05/12/2016 / / Biotechnology

The research is new and some scientist believe that it is practically very complicated to cure cancer using “Achilles Heel” technology. The deadly disease of cancer that has taken the lives of many people in the past, can now be cured. It can be cured using this new technology known as “Achilles heel”. With the help of this new technology the body can target the disease easily. Read the Post Achilles Heel: New technology to cure cancer

05/11/2016 / / Home Automation