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05/03/2016 / / Biotechnology

The mutations in the mitochondrial DNA inhibit the growth of stem cells. The stem cells therapies hence can be unsuccessful to reduce the ageing effect in the human beings. There are ways we can ignore the mutated DNA and apply the therapies on the non-mutated ones. But these methods are not easy. Read the Post Mutations hinder stem cell therapies

05/02/2016 / / Implants

In the past several years scientists have delivered a slew of advances in wiring prosthetic limbs directly to the brain. A number of studies have reported that severely disable patients – or monkeys employed as research surrogates – have used bionic limbs controlled by thought to, say, pick up a cup or hold up a hand and give a high five. Read the Post The Gamble on Implants, Bionic Implants & Prosthetic Limbs

05/01/2016 / / Nanotechnology

Nowadays, people are getting creative as well as innovative. Multifarious tech companies are coming up in market with new innovative ideas to resolve various problems. Basically, Innovation is done to solve problems as well as to make the life easy and happy. Your life can change at the light speed with the help of these innovations. New innovations leave a huge impact on the life of future generations.

Read the Post Innovation: Solution for all problems

04/30/2016 / / Energy
04/29/2016 / / Energy

Scientists have found new results while doing experiments on nuclear fusion. They have gone one step closer to generating the power using these fusion reactions. The recent experiment at MIT helps to resolve the mystery of heat loss in a nuclear fusion reaction. The difference in the turbulence caused by ions and electrons is the major area of research. Read the Post Clean energy generation using fusion reactions