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06/07/2016 / / Technology

May you live in interesting times – A curse, origin unknown

One of the ‘curses’ usually attributed to ancient China, but frequently thrown around in today’s society is ‘May you live in interesting times’, suggesting that living in turbulent times, no matter the cause, is somehow a bad thing. Read the Post Future humans: Immortal, jobless and genius

We are humans. We are animals that are born, grow and die. A life, indeed, limited by death. Some, through religion, have tried to address this issue. People believed and still legitimately believe that their soul will go to heaven once they die. Read the Post A snapshot on the fight against death

05/30/2016 / / Technology

The invention of Smart gloves have given a new dimension to the way we interact with the virtual world. We can now sense heat, weight and motion of the objects of the virtual world with the help of these gloves. The development of smart gloves show that we can take our imagination to a new horizon with the help of virtual reality.

Read the Post Smart Gloves: Virtual Reality reaches new heights

05/29/2016 / / Home Automation

The concept of floating city of Artisianoplois can become real in not so distant future. The concept has been in striking in the home automation industry from quite some time now. Artisianopolis has given shape to the concept of floating cities, in a way never imagined before. Read the Post Artisianopolis: Floating City concept to become real

05/28/2016 / / Technology