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08/18/2018 / / Biohacking

mTOR – The change in the world we live is drastically amazing to compare past years, talking of the likes of technology and science discovery.

The new discovery from IBM’s scientists made me believe the say ‘Forever young’. The scientists have credit the achievement discover in clinical trial who finally discover the anti-ageing compound announced that no discovery as made it possible to control the number of infections over the following year unless the group who are familiar with placebos alone.

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07/01/2018 / / Transhumanism
06/30/2018 / / Transhumanism

For treating a wide range of cancers like melanoma, as well as auto-immune conditions and infectious diseases, an implantable cancer vaccine is being tested by Harvard’s Wyss Institute is a completely new set of immunotherapy that holds a big promise to heal or treat a wide range of cancer. Read the Post Cancer Vaccine on Implant Reprograms Our Cells

06/21/2018 / / Transhumanism

This has been achieved for the first time that scientists have been successful in storing the brain of pigs alive even after the animals are being beheaded.

The team of the scientists has been successful in reanimating the organs by restoring circulation. While doing so, they have proved that billions of individual cells stay still alive capable of performing a normal activity for up to 36 hours. Read the Post Pig Brains Kept Alive Outside Bodies For the First Time