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07/27/2016 / / Technology

Security and identification protocols

As of today identification of each individual has become very essential. Each individual has to be differentiated based on some general trait or character that is different for everyone. It is an important process to maintain law and order in addition to security. Read the Post Increasing Trend of Iris Scanners

07/26/2016 / / Technology
07/25/2016 / / Technology

The need and demand for faster computer processors is increasing with each passing day because of the new technologies we are developing every day. The new technological advance systems require greater power and processing capabilities, so the processing companies need to keep pace with advancement. Read the Post Introducing diamond based fast processors

07/22/2016 / / Technology
07/22/2016 / / Technology

Another step towards the futuristic use of robots has been taken by the scientists and engineers. The time when the robotic suits will be helping in almost every activity whether it is in factories, in construction of building and in wars against enemies will come soon and these power suits will no longer be limited to super hero movies. Read the Post Cyborg Hands for the Astronauts