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The solar panels developed by Caltech can be a source of unlimited energy for earth. These solar panels can convert solar energy into equivalent radio energy. The radio energy can thus be beamed to earth and can be used for variety of other purposes. The energy thirst of earth can be reduced with the help of a space solar power station. Read the Post Caltech solar panels: A source of unlimited energy

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Various sources of energy are present around us .These energy sources are more eco-friendly than the sources we currently use. These sources are renewable and available in plenty. There are no chances of depletion as they form the basis of human life. Although these sources are inextinguishable, using them as a permanent source of energy is not economical. Read the Post Energy sources of Future to generate power

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Scientists have found new results while doing experiments on nuclear fusion. They have gone one step closer to generating the power using these fusion reactions. The recent experiment at MIT helps to resolve the mystery of heat loss in a nuclear fusion reaction. The difference in the turbulence caused by ions and electrons is the major area of research. Read the Post Clean energy generation using fusion reactions