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01/04/2017 / / Energy

Major research labs are now engaged in finding alternate planets where life is possible. Mars is the next sought after planet suitable for life, agree almost every scientist working on the same. BBC Future, unlike others, is looking at Venus as also capable of sustaining life. Read the Post Venus: An Alternative Planet That Supports Human Life?

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12/21/2016 / / Energy

Nuclear fuel is increasingly used and at this backdrop, it becomes crucial adopt measures for safe disposal of nuclear waste. Nuclear waste also known as radioactive waste possesses immense capabilities to cause a serious threat to nature and thereby, humankind. Thereby, immobilising such waste is one primary technique to solve the issue.  Read the Post Immobilising Radioactive waste by converting it into Glass

12/13/2016 / / Energy

Living in the world of tranquillity and calmness is everyone’s dream and wishes at some or the other point of time. It is astonishing to find that there is a place on Earth where such peace is available amidst all the chaos and violence that this world is experiencing. Auroville in southern India people lives happily as there is no fuss and drama of politics, money and religion. Read the Post Auroville, an International City that Offers Tranquility for Real

12/09/2016 / / Energy

Every major scientist on this globe is engaged in experiments that could make the mission Mars an easy task. Antimatter is the key component that can help achieving the dream of reaching Mars. A team of researchers from the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IAP RAS) have recently come up with a way to produce antimatter from light using lasers. Read the Post Antimatter can be Produced Using Light Claims Researchers