About Us

What we do:

1. Research Part: Work on the companies evolution through human tech evolution
2. Networking Part: We work with our network to help and develop businesses in connection with transhumanism
3. Information Part: We publish articles related to transhumanism for our public
4. Event Part: We organize events to help our partners for their communication
5. Investment Part: Through our network of business angels and investors, we offer a support service for companies seeking a fundraiser

The Transhumanist is the site where you can get news related to transhumanism.

The news are related to multifarious topics like energy, technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, implants, home automation. The website comes up with various reports, theses, upcoming technology, invention or finding of any technology, discoveries etc.

The Transhumanist will be one stop destination where the blogs are published mentioning the nutshell of the news. The news are taken from reputed and serious source only.

The main purpose of the site is to provide knowledge about upcoming and trendy things that are going on in market as well as allows users to make a discussion on the same.

http://thetranshumanist.news/ gives you latest updates going on in market related to transhumanism. Do visit the site and stay updated with latest news, reports as well as various discoveries that are done for making the future bright.


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