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MyDNAPedia : A High-Quality DNA Test That Reveals Genetic Information


MyDNAPedia is a high-quality DNA test that helps in revealing your genetic information that helps you work on your fitness further and helps you in knowing the scientific facts about your body as well. The company comes up with two products that available that are based on individual needs.

The products are good for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. That has newly enhanced combination, results for 13 fitness features. The product comes up with Personal training recommendations by a fitness professional.
MyDNAPedia offers some exceptional values- people can rely on Scandinavian quality and the company’s professional team of doctors, Ph.D. scientists, and personal fitness coaches. Through the company, one can also opt for professional genetic counseling before or after making the test. People can also have a chance to take part in their research program and help science change the world. One can do all this by choosing the plan that is most suitable for people’s needs.

Above all, customer’s privacy and security is company’s prime concern and technology. The customer’s data is always kept confidential and safe inside EU. The MyDNAPedia hence is a secure and convenient way of making a genetic test. The company is based in Scandinavia, Finland, and customer’s data is still kept confidential and secure inside EU. The customer’s sample is analyzed by experienced professionals in Europe in the company’s genetics laboratory, which follows highest quality standards. The company assures strict security procedures in place to protect the customer’s data. It also means that the company never releases your data to third parties, and your data is kept safe in a different database than your personal details. The company also owns a genetics laboratory, which follows highest quality standards.

One of the most popular Submission Wrestler, Tuomas Simola states- “MyDNAPedia DNA test provides interesting data for an athlete and anyone who is interested in their personal genetic features. Test report gives a great variety of information how your genes affect your athletic abilities, diet, and risk of injuries. The test itself is easy to do, first you receive a test kit home and take a sample with a buccal swab rolling it inside your cheek, and then the sample is sent back to the laboratory for analysis. It is important to remember while interpreting the test results, that it does not mean how is your current state, but the potential of your genes. In principle, the genetic weaknesses may have become strengths due to practicing done. The test results can, therefore, be used to help you to create a training program.”

MyDNAPedia is perfect for those who are worried about their health and wellness. Includes also the fitness report. The new enhanced combination results for 16 wellness features +13 fitness features. Take a look at a complete list of features mentioned as under:

The product’s purchase also offers you the following benefits: