Transhumanism: Are Mormons more likely to be transhumanists than members of other religions?

Transhumanism is a world wide movement that aims at enabling the people to attain abilities which are far higher than the normal levels. In other words, the aim is to make people super humans who have high capabilities and fewer limitations. And for achieving this, the transhumanists make use of the modern science and technology to the fullest.

Transhumanism and religion:

Every one would feel that religion and transhumanism are two different things and that it would be extremely difficult for the two concepts to go hand in hand. The sole reason is that transhumanism is based on a physical premise and most of the religions across the world are based of metaphysical premise. Also most of the religious leaders across the world find it difficult to support the notions of transhumanists.

Does Mormonism support transhumanism?

This is a very complicated question and answering with in an objective format is almost impossible. This is because of the fact that Mormonism is one of the religions where there are many concepts that can be considered as opposite to the concepts of science. For example the virgin birth of Christ. But the leaders of the religion claims that Mormonism is an entirely new religion and is far more inclined to the present day life style.

And because of the fact that this religion is very young, it is comparatively easy for the members to connect to a modern concept like transhumanism. This is because there is no cultural gap between the religion and the present society. Also most of the members of Mormonism are audacious and such people usually find transhumanism very interesting.

Also it is a fact that the ratio of transhumanists in the religion of Mormonism is far greater than the ratio in other religions.



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  1. Thomas Malcolm Ross

    As someone who was raised Mormon (am an atheist now) and then a transhumanist, before realizing how much the former informed the latter, I don’t think I can overstate how much of my Mormon upbringing informed by draw to transhumanism. Mormonism seems to have tapped into something innately American that transhumanism speaks to, as well as being around on the cusp of industrialization that led to proto-transhumanist cosmism.

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