What Will Be the Meaning of Living in Society in a Transhuman World?

The question we should ask ourselves here is – What does it mean to be a human? In case you have the DNA of a homo sapiens, you are biologically a human. But humanity and the meaning of life are complex concerns. Transhumanism is a movement that believes that humans can or should improve their current conditions by the use of advanced and sophisticated technologies. Its main aim is elongating the human life. However, with the rise of cloning, nanotech and advancement in technology, external life will come sooner than expected.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is that what will be the meaning of life when it comes to the life in a transhuman world. The three major justifications for the transhuman culture are utilitarianism, freedom and meaning of life, which have been in conflict with each other over time. Utilitarianism is an ideology that stresses on the maximum utility for sentient beings. This means sentient beings will be able to experience more of positive emotions than the negative ones; thus leading to immortality, physical boost, decreased sickness, etc.

Transhuman world will be a technically advanced world, hence there will be the need for more cooperation and empathy than the present society. However, this is not a big thing because in the present society, the high levels of cooperation and decreased levels of violence govern its progress. Cooperation is the key factor of civilization together with advancement in technology and extension.

On top of that, there will be a great reduction in violence, as most violence have their source from greed of what we cannot have. However, through transhumanism, everyone will have all he or she would want. The only problem is that those who are not capable won’t be able to live longer.



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