Why Is Transhumanism Controversial?

Transhumanism promises the rise of a new technology that could lead to the creation of super humans with longer lifespans than the current species. Only a few people; i.e., the so-called “transhumanists” support the idea while a majority oppose the movement.  Everyone who disputes transhumanism has his or her own reasons but one that is common is the fact that they see transhumanism being morally and ethically wrong. Transhumanism is playing “God” that goes against all the cultural, societal and religious beliefs. They believe it is natural for people to die and eternity is only made for God alone. In addition, changing a person’s physic goes against God’s creation.

They also base their dispute of transhumanism on a Eugenic argument – where they argue that trying to change one’s genes or DNA may have a diverse effect other than creating super humans. What they mean is that this may lead to the rise of a horrible disease that has no cure. On top of that, they argue that there will be a rise in terminators as human consciousness will be uploaded onto a machine. They sate that the minds may be vulnerable to tamper and may even outright control. They fear that those terminators will not have the same rights as the present humans, such as the right to have a life.

They also say that transhumanism will lead to a division between the rich and the poor where only the rich will be able to access the technologies in question and live forever while the poor will be left out. Thus transhumanism will lead to dehumanization and become a threat to democracy. The rich will amass wealth and power, taking control over socio-economic sector of the society. Transhumanism is definitely a risk, but is it a risk the human race is ready to take?



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