Transhumanism is a concept or a belief being touted by a certain school of thought which preaches that sooner or later, science and technology will come together with humanity to create a super human species which has supernatural ability. This is sometimes the basis of the science fiction which we can find around in the movies, novels and comic books which both children and adults are exposed to.

Popular Hollywood characters, such as batman, superman, Clark Kent and other interesting personalities may be Hollywood’s method of enhancing this theory or belief. Transhumanism as a concept believes that science can create a better man or the better work might modify the current human species to a better version of himself. This version will have better brain capacity, better vision, more strength and many other different kinds of abilities which the current human species does not have. According to this theory or thinking, men might be able to fly or do space travel or astral travel. Many interesting points are proposed by this theory and for now it is still majorly a theory and not much is on ground to show that science might be capable of changing man from what he is now.

Human enactment on its own is also a theory like transhumanism. Yet, we can say that it is a much milder theory and does not have very fantastic ideas of what the human species could become. Human enactment believes that the already existing features and characteristics of man can be vastly improved upon to provide the species with better adaptation to their environment and improved capabilities. The two concepts do look alike and are similar in many ways, yet the major difference is that human enactment talks about modification of already existing traits while tranhumanism wants to produce altogether a newer super human version of what currently exists.



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