Transhumanism is a theory which proposes that the human body could be better than it currently is and the capabilities of the human body are not at their best level they could be. Transhumanism as a theory roots for a better human species while the theory propagates concepts, such as cloning, mind uploading, robotics and the use of many other scientific techniques to improve the lives of the human species. Techniques also include whole brain emulation which the proponents of the transhumanism theory insist will make the brain of the human being function fully like computers with information stored in archives, just as we have information in data bases on the computer. In essence, this is saying that the capabilities of the human mind will be expanded to ensure that it can function optimally at a very high capacity.

Health is as an industry that makes use of science and technology to improve the lives of humans. Health care functions in such a way that diagnosis is made by running tests and procedures on people who have come down with an infection or a disease. After the diagnosis is done, the right kind of medication or surgical procedure is given to cure the person.

Transhumanism aims to create a speices which in today’s terms can be called super humans. These super humans are expected to have a lot of capabilities which are not currently present in humans today. Transhumanism as a concept is actually a panacea and a cure all for healthcare problems. The kinds of humans or human species which transhumanism hopes to create are the types of humans which cannot be affected by little sicknesses or injuries. Transhumanism will actually bring to an end the era of health care as we know it now.



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