Nietzsche philosophy is one which was propounded by a famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and the theory is in direct conflict with the beliefs of the church and their morality. Nietzsche as a philosopher had many theories which he proposed, including the theory that God either does not exist or is dead. Nietzsche also proposed that Jesus Christ is different from the way he is being proposed and portrayed by Christians or by the church itself.

He wrote a popular book called the antichrist. It mentioned that Christ was much different from what the church held him up as, and that the ideals which Christians and Christianity preach about Jesus are untrue. He insisted that the church distorted a lot of the teachings of Jesus Christ to suit their own purposes and to make him more appealing to their followers. Nietzsche particularly criticized the writings of Apostle Paul insisting that the Apostle tried to make the religion of Christianity be in subjugation to the Roman Empire which held sway at that time.

Transhumanism as a theory came way after Nietzsche had passed. The tenets of transhumanism explains that science and technology have the ability to transcend humanity so as to make humanity much better than what it currently is. The theory of transhumanism supports concepts like cloning, mind developments, robotics and mind enhancement. All these concepts were certainly alien and not around during the time of Nietzsche.

Nietzsche, as earlier stated, was not around when the theory of transhumanism started but a lot of things which he canvassed and proposed are still well within the tenets of the theory of transhumanism. For example, the theory of tranhumanism insists that morality and Christianity are an impediment to the growth of science and technology, and what these disciplines can do to further enhance human lives and productivity.



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