Transhumanism is a philosophy which is being propounded by many scientists. It is a theory that proposes to extend the ability of what the human mind and body can do. Many concepts and propositions are on the table based on transhumanism theory. They include cloning of humans, mind uploading to preserve memory, robotic arms and limbs, and different other features and capabilities which are currently alien to the human species.

The theory of transhumanism has brought a lot of bad blood between scientists and various religious bodies, especially Christians. Even the politicians have been drawn into this controversy. Core transhumanism theorists are naturally atheist and they do not believe in the existence of any supernatural being. They have the opinion that religious people and politicians are fighting hard to clip the wings of science and technology, and they will not allow science and technology to fully blossom and achieve heights which these are capable of achieving. They argue that many years ago, arguments such as if the earth was round or flat or even arguments about if man could go into space or to the moon were rampant everywhere. Today it is taken for granted that science has made it possible for man to be able to travel into space and do many exploits which where previously thought to be impossible. On this premise, they base their arguments.

Religious groups, especially Christians as well as politicians view the propositions of transhumanists with suspicion. There is a belief among these people that these scientists want to play God and they want to put into nature what has not been ordained or designed by it. Many believe that concepts like cloning of humans and mind uploading, creating of robotic arms and limbs are unethical and will not serve the greater good of humans as a race and as a species.



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