Do Transhumanists Look into Theories Other Than Technical Transhumanism?

Transhumanists are those who prefer using ultra-modern technologies and play a crucial part in the betterment of human life. The number of such persons is increasing day by day with transhumanism becoming more popular. Actually transhumanism is derived from humanism and this humanism implies on us to play a role in improving humanity. Though we cannot be perfectionist, we can make improvement by rational thinking, freedom, tolerance, democracy, and many other concerns of our fellow beings. There are different theories of transhumanism each with a little difference. But the sole objective of all these is the betterment of humanity.

  • Why Technical Transhumanism?

Transhumanists also look into all the theories of it but they mostly believe in technical transhumanism, as it seems to be playing a crucial role in our daily lives. Technical transhumanism mainly deals with the technological improvements in our lives. It is the technology that has developed our ways of living, communication, shelter, and transportation.

  • Other Technologies

All the other technologies related with transhumanism deal with cognitive and artificial intelligence, genetic changes, and molecular changes in humans. These are often referred to as artificial and short-lived. Therefore, transhumanists pay more attention to technical transhumanism.

  • The Relation between Technology and Transhumanism

There is a close relation between technology and transhumanism. Even some experts have the view that transhumanism is actually technoself studies. Also, it is the technology that has revolutionized our ways of living. From cradle to grave, it seems playing role in the lives of humans. It has made everyone’s life faster than it was in the past.

Technical transhumanism is also common since it is easy to practice. Most of the other theories deal with genetic and biological concepts, and are hard to understand and practice for a common man.





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