Is Transhumanism More Than a Support for Advanced Biotechnology?


It is actually an international and intellectual movement to improve the human condition by the use of technological and scientific resources. It is also a belief that humans’ stay on this planet can be prolonged beyond current limitations with the employment of scientific and technological resources. The concept of transhumanism was introduced in the 1990s and since then, it has been progressing at a very fast speed. There are many people across the globe who want to be transhumanist and help the suffering humanity.


Biotechnology is the use of biology in technology. It can be defined as the use of living organisms to make new products. It involves using cellular and molecular processes to develop new technologies and make new products that are a lot useful for human health and lives. Since the birth, Humans have been trying to invent new means for the betterment of human lives. From the production to preservation of all the food and other health related products, biotechnology is playing a vital role.

Relationship between Transhumanism and Biotechnology

The main objective of both Transhumanism and Biotechnology is improving human life. Biotechnology is thousands of years old and is the major source of making improvement in the human life. Transhumanism, on the other hand, is the concept which came into vogue in the last decade of nineteenth century. Therefore, it is quite true to call it a support for biotechnology.

Transhumanism is a widely known concept and even the common men has interest to become transhumanists at some point in their lives. And because it is also for the sake of people to make their lives easier, it is called a support for biotechnology. Transhumanism is play its role in almost all walks of life.



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