What is Transhumanism? What will the Transhumanist Party do?


Transhumanism is a way of thinking and believing that people’s stay on the earth can be prolonged using scientific and technological resources. It is much like biotechnology which has been playing a part in the betterment of people’s lives and health for hundreds of years. This concept was introduced about two decades ago and has been developing with the passage of time. This is because the natural instinct of the human being is improving and thus more and more people are becoming transhumanists day by day. The objective of transhumanism is so sacred that people often volunteer for these services.

What will the Transhumanist Part Do?

Transhumanism is a very sacred service and people are taken part in it actively. There are a lot of functions that a transhumanist can do, for example:

  1. Improve People’s Metabolic System

The most important function that a transhumanist party will do is to improve the metabolism of the human body. This increased rate of metabolism plays a crucial role in the health and physical fitness of people. It improves the digestion and also increases the immunization in the body. This increased metabolic rate is also beneficial in speedy recovery of the body in case of physical injuries. They will invent various medicines with the cooperation of biotechnology.

  1. Increasing Intelligence and Intellectualism

Another very important function that a transhumanist party will do is increasing the intelligence and intellectualism among people. This will enable them to recall the past happenings in a better way. Increase in intelligence will boost them to discover more horizons of success.

  1. Survival in Blood Loss

Transhumanist party also plays a crucial role in improving one’s survival in cases of blood loss. Most deaths occur due to accidents and blood loss nowadays. Transhumanist party devises mechanism to control this blood loss issue.



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