Can You Be Born a Transhumanist, or Is It a Choice?


Transhumanism is not a self-help guide, a religion or a lifestyle; it’s a way of thinking and supporting technological advancements. It’s also not a free way of thinking; there are values and principles promoting life that transhumanists must adhere to. Although transhumanism gives individuals the ability to control their bodies, there are legal structures that must be put in place to regulate the type of implants, type of drugs, and others that people put on their bodies.

According to transhumanism, people are a not object that can be easily disposed of. That’s why choices like assisted suicide are there so that you only die only if you want to. Transhumanists treat ageing as a disease that will soon be overcome by technology. As per births, transhumanism aims at producing empowered children with better opportunities. Technologies such as Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs), genetic counseling, genetic therapies, medical abortions, contraception and others are aimed at helping women make informed and acute choices before getting pregnant, so that they produce only healthy progenies.

Transhumanism cannot be forced on anyone. Although there is the view that if transhumanists will select the desired traits for their children then they will have forced transhumanism on them, this might be wondering somewhat far from the goals of transhumanism. These newborn tranhumanistic progenies are only given better chances for life survival than those pre-transhumanism offspring like us.

As adults, tranhumanistic children, just like us, will have the decision to make to be transhumanists or not. Maybe they are likely to choose that way of living as they will grow up witnessing the powers of ‘super humans.’ Children and adults of today have that choice too. You can only be given the message concerning transhumanism and get a preview of what a tranhumanistic future is, but you have to make the decision as an individual, child or adult.




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