Is Transhumanism Theoretically Possible?

Transhumanism is an idea which implies the human being to devise various ways so as to improve their health and prolong their stay on this planet. Transhumanists usually think that humans can survive more than their present limitation using various scientific and technological inventions. They are of the view that the present lifespan of humans does not show the end limit. Actually, this limit can be increased by a little working on it. This technology is improving with every passing day and will reach its climax after some years. There is nothing impossible in this technology as humans can do a lot for the improvement and betterment of life. God has also bestowed humanity with a great love and respect for one another.

  1. Use of Nanotechnology

Transhumanists also work a lot on nanotechnology and the use of nanotechnology is practically possible in human life. Most of these technologies play a crucial role in the improvement of human technology and are within their reach. Technology is used to invent many new tools and equipment which make it possible for humans to do something easily. For example, the invention of robotics, artificial body parts, and other useful material to aid the impaired people for a happy life.

  1. The Realm of Impossibility

All things and processes are not possible in transhumanism. There are many things which cross the realm of possibility and reach the area of impossibility. For example, when transhumanism works on the increase of intelligence and intelluality, it seems touching the impossibilities. It does not seem practically possible because these are the God gifted qualities and are impossible for the human being to take part in natural processes.

Thus, it is obvious that most of the processes are within the reach of possibility and help people a lot in the longevity of human life.



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