Transhumanism – Where Do You See It Going?

The primary aim of transhumanism is to empower and expand human capabilities; thus making it possible for humans to transcend beyond humanity. According to transhumanists, humans are stuck in a developmental phase, and science and technology are gateways to unlock their potential.

Transhumanists are a social group of people who have in place a class of philosophies aimed at evolving the intelligence of humans beyond its current capability, which are guided by certain doctrines.

Although there are four billion religious people in the world, transhumanistic theories are accepted by many. Some view the possibility of a future of immortal man with god-like characters, and they consider this as blasphemy. Others simply don’t ascribe to the futuristic way of life.

One thing that every reasonable person will agree with is that transhumanism is not something that began yesterday. It began when we started making clothes, and recent advancements like the invention of airplanes and mobile phones proved to men just how much the human mind is capable of.

The only difference between the ‘acceptable inventions,’ like the mobile phone and transhumanistic inventions, like cryonic suspensions is only that the latter aims at evolving man as an entity and not his circumstances or environment.

So, is there any future for transhumanism? The future for transhumanism is inevitable. Politically, debates are gearing towards supporting a transhumanistic future. For instance, legalization of gay marriages means the world is accepting non-traditional views on gender roles. There are also many examples, including debates on legalization of abortion, using fertility medications, legalization of surrogate births in many countries, among others. Although these look like baby steps, they are real advancements and indicators of a transhumanistic future.

Medically, there have been huge strides made in the field of transhumanism. As of today, progress is being seen on the development of artificial wombs, artificial hearts and effectively functioning prosthetics. All these show that we may arrive at a transhuman world earlier than what we imagine.



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