How Can Transhumanism Solve the Problems Associated with Overpopulation?

Transhumanism is all about the use of scientific and technological resources for the betterment of humanity. This relation with humanity links it with overpopulation. Overpopulation is one of the major threats the world is facing nowadays. Transhumanism is the philosophy that has shown its benefits in the solution of the problems caused by overpopulation. As the sole objective of transhumanism is the welfare and betterment of humanity, it helps decrease the problems by providing a best possible solution. Let us explain the main problems of overpopulation with best possible solution through transhumanism.

  1. Availability of Fresh Water

Availability of fresh water is one of the basic needs of humans. There is only 2.5% of fresh water on the earth and the remaining 97.5% is in the form of glaciers. With the rapid increase in population, fresh water is becoming scarcer as the level of underground water is gradually lowering. Transhumanism has already helped a lot in finding the solution of this problem. It has flourished the human mind to discover new ways of cleaning water by passing various reactants through it. Nowadays, there are water treatment plants at almost every place to provide fresh drinking water. Moreover, it has also enabled people to make the sea water usable through different chemical treatments.

  1. Lower Life Expectancy

It is a fact that life expectancy decreases in areas where population growth is a lot. This happens mainly due to the lack of healthcare facilities. Transhumanism has also proved a lot beneficial in the field of healthcare since the main objective of it is to prolong the human life.

  1. Increased Global Warming

Global warming is also happening because of the increase in population. Moreover, overpopulation is also showing its effects on the climate. Severe climatic changes are taking place all across the globe. Here, once again transhumanism comes to the rescue with many innovative ways of facing these challenges.



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