Why Are You a Transhumanist?

Conventionally speaking, transhumanists are a group of people who advocate for the use of science and technology to advance human conditions and the human being in general. Although a number of people in the world are opposed to the tranhumanistic way of thinking, many of whom are religious, it’s mainly because they don’t understand the philosophies of transhumanists.

Most people only associate transhumanists with ‘the group of people who want to live longer than they should.’ The Christians, who make about four billion of the world’s total population, view this as blasphemy since according to them, death presents an opportunity for one to meet the religious deities.

Do you believe that women should have a choice to abort, or to have other carriers of their progenies, like other humans in the case of surrogates, or even artificial wombs? Do you believe that people would be happier if there was a way to prevent genetic diseases? If yes, you’re already a tranhumanist.

Also, if you’re one of the ten percent of the human population that are already using bio devices, be it something that looks so simple and ordinary as spectacles or contact lenses, or something as complex as an artificial heart, you’re already a transhumanist. After all, transhumanism is about using technology and science to solve problems limiting human capabilities.

Transhumanism does not solely focus on making man immortal, but also on improving current conditions e.g. eliminating diseases, giving women opportunities to have babies outside their wombs using artificial wombs, giving people without limbs prosthesis to make them whole, and even enhancing people’s senses using cochlear implants.  Embracing these technologies, even without embracing the bizarre transhumanist technologies like cryogenics, makes you a transhuman. In fact, you could even be religious, Christian, or Muslim and still be a transhuman.



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  1. Evandro

    I had a vision when I was a kid before I even knew science in Brazil without any kind of education or prospect. I moved to England and realised that everything I had thought was true and will be a reality as I am very sure about it. Is like I am following a path that I all ready know and I am very happy to know it.

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