Applications of Transhumanism in Daily Life

Transhumanism means expanding the intelligence of the human being with the help of the latest technologies and methods. This concept is gaining popularity day by day and thus more and more people are getting attracted to it. Science and technology play a vital role in our daily lives, and so does transhumanism. Transhumanists discern the benefits and harms of a particular technology and guide people to react accordingly. Following are the major fields of life in which transhumanism seems to be playing its role.

  1. Foods and Drinks

Foods and drinks are the basic necessities of life. Because of the enhanced intellectuality of humans, they can now eat a large variety of food in almost all seasons. Scientists are inventing new seeds on a regular basis to increase the productivity. Similarly, humans have invented a lot of drinks to give them energy and also help them in the digestion process.

  1. Accommodation

Transhumanism can also improve people’s living standards. They have already made a lot of developments in the construction technology to make their living standard better. This technology is further progressing and enabling humans to accommodate in a better way. The needs of increasing population can only be fulfilled by Transhumanism.

  1. Transportation

Transhumanism also has a great impact on the transportation facilities. In the earlier days, people had no proper way or means of travelling. But now, the increased use of transhumanism technology has developed many modes and means of travelling. Long distances are not a matter of concern anymore due to transhumanism.

  1. Communication

Transhumanism has also played a vital role in the development of various means of communication. The invention of smartphone has eased the ways of communication. Many of these devices even have activity trackers which help a lot in monitoring one’s health.



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