Transhumanism: Human Enhancement, Superhuman, Biotechnology and Evolution

The human race is not always content with itself. It has been trying by all means to improve itself in all possible ways for decades. This is mainly because of the school of thought which emphasizes the need for humans to extend their abilities in all aspects. It is pretty much like saying humans are evolving to become super in nature. There are various areas of study or beliefs that are aimed at furthering this way of thinking. Here is a look at what each of them really refers to and how it applies to the idea of transforming humans into super humans.


This is the belief that humans can actually go beyond what is referred to as impossible. Transhumanists embrace a number of tools that are primarily aimed at taking the human race to greater heights. They believe that humans can improve themselves indefinitely and achieve what is often considered as being impossible. Technologies like stem cell and the use of prosthetic body parts have been introduced largely because of transhumanists.

Human enhancement

It is the use of special techniques and methods aimed at transforming the human race either temporarily or permanently in a bid to overcome the natural limitations of the human body. This school of thought is intertwined with several other related fields which are all aimed at extending the abilities of humans.


A superhuman is a human being with abilities that extend far beyond what a normal human being is. He has super abilities like heightened vision, hearing abilities, healing abilities and high levels of intelligence.


Biotechnology is the technology that is aimed at transforming the biological makeup of humans for purpose of making the human body better in all aspects, including physically, mentally and even emotionally. It accounts for all the technological advancements, such as genetic engineering and stem cell technology that are aimed at modifying the human being in a number of ways.

Each of these schools of thoughts is intertwined with evolution. However, they aim at accelerating the evolution of man or triggering it through various techniques.




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