5 Future Forecasts that Will Change the World

The tranhumanistic thinking, the view that science and technology can be used to make man happier and more productive, has brought hope to lots of people in the world. But there are still many more who are opposed to it. The following predictions of the future are inevitable just as the airplane and cellphone era was:

2020: Augmented reality wearables will be used instead of smartphones

In view of the recent development of a spherical curved LCD display that can be fixed in contact lenses which was researched at Ghent University’s Center of Microsystems Technology, Belgium, people will soon be able to wear in-ear audio plug and high resolution smart contact lenses and communicate with other computers.

2025: Real Age Reversal in Humans

For the wealthy, age reversal may be possible as soon as in 2025. According to a study by the US and Australian researchers that proved capable of reversing the age of two year old mice to about 6 months of age, this technology will drastically change the world once tested and perfected in humans.

2033: Ectogenesis

Ectogenesis is defined as growing a human child in an artificial womb. Research in this direction has already done by one researcher Dr. Hung-Ching Liu. He engineered endometrial tissues by prompting cells to grow in an artificial uterus. Soon, women will have the decision to grow their children outside their biological wombs.

2035: There will be more transhumanists than humans

If anyone with any type of bio upgrade can be defined as a transhuman then there are already very high numbers of transhumanists in the world. A research has reported that between 2012 and 2016, a total of 8% people have sought medical implants or devices in form of dental implants and others.

Haptic Wearables

You will realize that the future is here when you will purchase a haptic wearable suit online or from a physical store. Such a suit will make it possible for you to remotely connect with your loved ones miles away. You will be able to share feeling and senses like hugs to others in the suit.




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