Movin’ On: Taking Transhumanism in Stride

Have you ever thought about being able to teleport an idea or a matter or survive a plane crash? Imagine being endowed with such capabilities. Without any doubt, your power would be unlimited. You would be able to do anything that runs through your mind. Of course, being alive for so many years would make you think that humans can never attain such high levels of invincibility. After all, you have seen the human race struggle with various diseases, technological limitations and even physical limitations for as long as you have been alive. Thinking that humans can extend their abilities and eventually become superhuman in nature is obviously the last thing you would think of.

But some people are actually optimistic about the human race’s ability to evolve and become better in all aspects possible, including mentally and physically. The feasibility of this may not be apparent at the moment, even though it is seemingly well-known by proponents of such thoughts. This is often referred to as transhumanism; the belief that humans can actually become better in every possible way. When looking at transhumanism, it is important to understand the fact that it goes beyond the normal view of human improvement. Rather, it extends to abilities that are often thought of as being impossible.

Transhumanism embraces the idea that humans can actually go beyond what is referred to as humans. It is the belief that humans can do what is often considered impossible. The evidence of the existence of this school of thought is often reflected in a number of professional fields, including technology, medicine and cosmetics. This explains the recent advancements that have characterized these fields. Major examples of transhumanism-centered advancements include stem cell technology, prosthetics, age reduction techniques and the use of artificial hearts.



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