Any Thoughts on Transhumanism, Robotic Parts or Genetic Manipulation for Off World Colonies?

Humans have always tried their best to improve themselves in all possible ways. A number of measures have already been put in place in a bid to transform the human being for its betterment. Although humans are fully aware of various limitations associated with them, they sometimes think it is actually possible to extend their abilities far beyond what they have today. It is almost like saying humans can actually evolve and become super humans at some point. Although this may sound shocking, there are people who actually think like this and support this idea.

The main school of thought that supports such ideas is transhumanism. It is the belief that human can actually evolve and become better in various respects, including physically, mentally and emotionally. Transhumanism embraces all activities and ideas that are in support of this. As a matter of fact, it supports or even initiates some ideas and activities which are in the direction of transforming the human race. There are various fields of study that have emerged following the arrival of transhumanism. Most notable among them are biotechnology, human centered robotics and pharmaceutical advancements which facilitate human evolution or promote it in one way or another.

Transhumanism and its ideas have continued to take root in today’s world. This is reflected by various technologies that have emerged today. For example, the coming of gene manipulation technologies has revolutionized the manner in which people view the treatment of gene-related defects. Further, stem cell technology combined with gene manipulation techniques is another evidence of how far transhumanism has gone. This also applies to the introduction of robotic body parts, such as robotic arms and legs which can be used by individuals who are disabled.



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