An Overview of Extropianism

The arrival of extropianism has somewhat transformed the human race and the world in a number of ways. Even though it may appear to be a new term, it is actually old which has been around for many years. In simple terms, it refers to the ideas or beliefs whose main aim is to further extropy. On the other hand, extropy is merely the measure of the intelligence, energy, experience and diversity of a human. It is a transhumanist idea or philosophy with an aim to make human improvement in all ways possible. However, extropianism is aimed at enabling humans to improve themselves by going beyond the natural evolution process. It is based on science and extensive reasoning. There are various facets of extropianism that are known today and the most notable ones are highlighted below.

  • Boundless expansion

This facet is mainly based on the expansion of human abilities infinitely and in all important aspects of life, including intelligence, effectiveness, lifespan, biological, cultural, and wisdom. It aims at lifting all the limitations that can hamper the overall improvement of humans in various faculties.

  • Dynamic optimism

This is another important faculty that extropy supports. It is by far one of the core aspects of extropy. A major governing principle of dynamic optimism is the need to realize personal ideas in this life instead of enduring a miserable life in the hope of being a part of an elusive heaven.

  • Spontaneous order

This facet aims at promoting the tolerance of diversity, personal liberty and responsibility along with long-term thinking. Anything spontaneous that leads to a positive outcome is embraced by extropianism. As a matter of fact, proponents of extropianism tend to support spontaneity rather than properly planned events.

  • Intelligent technology

Science and technology are two important aspects of extropianism. The continuity of science and technology is at the center of extropianism. Thus it supports all activities and programs that are intended to further science and technology.



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