Do Transhumanism and Christianity Have Compatibility?

This is a debate that could probably go on for hours without having an answer. But there is one thing for certain – Christians themselves do not often agree with each other when it comes to the teachings of the Bible. However, there is the similarity of having one god and life after death.

On the other hand, Transhumanism is making life better for the fellow humans which also matches with the teachings of the Bible. So, in short, there are many parallels that can be drawn from the teachings of the Bible, beliefs and values that Transhumanism society lives by.

According to the Bible, humans were created by God and put on this earth to create a better world. This is what the Transhumanists believe in and this is exactly what they are doing. Thus, there are various Church denominations that have already accepted that transhumanism is a part of the society. However, there are many parallels that can be drawn between transhumanism and Christianity.

Transhumanism is compatible with Christianity provided it does not want to play the role of God which what some critics believe is happening. Transhumanism will need to take into consideration all the values as we know them today to make decisions in line with what have been human values since Christianity began. Moreover, if one thinks about it, humans have already started what the Transhumanists would like to finish.

We have already invented medicines that are curing and in some cases, eradicating some diseases, thus prolonging our lives very much in line with what the transhumanists are trying to do today; except their goal is to live forever. As far as this is concerned, the two beliefs are compatible. But where the real morality is under question is the mere fact that they might want to change genetics or have mass control. In that situation, the compatibility of the two could come under question.



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